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We are a small, independent creative team based in Tunbridge Wells. Denim Creative specialise in branding, graphic design and marketing. Over time we have attracted both UK and international clients from a wide range of business sectors and industries.

What we offer

When we launched ten years ago we were clear what we wanted to achieve. Eye catching, high quality design and marketing. But what to call ourselves? We chose Denim because it sums up the qualities we most prize in our work – adaptability, flexibility, a product made to last. At Denim every job is special. We take the time to fully understand your business and how best to promote it to customers and clients. We also never miss a deadline.


Your brand says a lot about who you are and how people will perceive your company, product and services. It is the start point for all your marketing and communications. Having an understanding of how brand works, how to use and control it and what makes a strong brand for your organisation enables us to deliver brilliant results.


At Denim Creative, we believe that marketing is all about knowing who you are talking to, what you want them to think and then working out how you are going to make them think those thoughts. We can work with you to define your marketing strategy and identify the appropriate channels to reach your audiences, both off and online.


Great ideas require great design to bring them to life. We have a range of designers who have worked across the breadth of the industry. Whether it’s new campaigns in retail, direct mail or new product launches, annual or impact reports, prospectuses or brochures, we can provide full delivery from creative concepts to final delivery.

Denim Creative
Denim Creative

“From speed to cost to the incredible design techniques used, working with Denim is always a welcomed process for our team. We know once the project is in the designer’s hands the end result will be above and beyond our expectations.”

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